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Red Hook Dive Center, St. Thomas, USVI

Chris Sawyer Dive Center Compressor Room with Nitrox Stik

Compressor, Nitrox Stik, and Oxygen Located in Adjacent Building

Chris Sawyer Dive Center Nitrox Stik

Chris Sawyer Dive Center Nitrox Controller

Nitrox Controller Located Inside Shop at Fill Station

Jack's Diving Locker, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Jack's Diving Locker Fill Station with Nitrox Controller

Nitrox Controller and Oxygen Bottles Located at Fill Station

Jack's Diving Locker Soleniod Valve

Oxygen Regulator, Micro-Metering Valve and Solenoid Operated Proportional Valve

Jack's Diving Locker Nitrox Stik

Nitrox Stik and Air Compressor located in Adjacent Room.

Jack's Diving Locker High Volume Compressor

34 CFM Poseidon Air Compressor


East Africa Diving, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Nitrox Stik, Nitrox Safety Valve and oxygen supply located adjacent to compressor. 

Nitrox on/off switch and Maxtec oxygen analyzer located on wall.

Picture of Nitrox Fill Station.  The fill whips hang from the ceiling at tank valve height, making for

faster hookups with less bending.  My aching back appreciates this kind of thinking...


See in Sea SCUBA, Honolulu, HI

Nitrox Wall See in Sea

Nitrox Wall showing Nitrox Stik, Nitrox Controller, Fill Station, Oxygen Generation System, Oxygen Cylinders, and a bunch of Nitrox Tanks.

Nitrox Wall See in Sea

A closer view of the Nitrox Wall.


OVH Dive Club, Haarlem, The Netherlands

The Guys were meticulous about this installation.

Fill Panel, Nitrox Controller, and output Oxygen Analyzer. 

Nitrox Stik and Solenoid Valves in adjacent, air conditioned Compressor Room.


Oxygen cylinders for storage in a cabinet that is separate from the oxygen in use.   Storage cabinet is vented to the outside.

Solenoid Control Valves in their own enclosure.  Stainless steel oxygen header connects to oxygen cylinder stored in a separate cabinet.


On-service Oxygen cylinder in enclosed cabinet.  Cabinet is vented to the outside.  Stainless steel oxygen header connects through overhead to solenoid valves in compressor room.


Apparently their Dive Club also has a heated pool ... and a bar.


Big Island Divers, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Fill Station showing Nitrox Stik, Nitrox Controller, Fill Whips, and Oxygen Analyzer at Compressor Output.


Controller While operating (33%), Operating Instruction Placard posted next to Controller.


Oxygen Analyzer Mounted at Fill Station Monitoring Compressor Output (Backlight on).  The Short Hose 1st Stage Regulator feeds the Sample Gas to the Analyzer at a Consistent 2.7 LPM.   The 5 Foot Length of Tygon Tubing Allows the Regulator to be Easily Moved from the Fill Station to a Scuba Tank to Analyze its Contents.


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