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Nitrox Controller                

The Nitrox Controller takes the hassle out of blending Nitrox so you are free to do other things in the Shop.   The Nitrox Controller has the following system features:

  • Maintains Desired O2 Mix within Close Tolerance (+/- 0.1%).
  • Medical Grade Oxygen Sensor.
  • Easy to Calibrate.
  • Electronically Controlled Proportional Valve to Control the Addition of Oxygen.
  • Auto Shutdown Feature Closes the Oxygen Control Valve when the Compressor Turns Off.
  • Buzzer to Alert Operator if Oxygen Concentration is not within 2% of Set Point Value.
  • System automatically shuts down should the oxygen concentration exceed 40%.
  • Wire Lengths Long Enough to Allow Mounting the Controller Visibly in the Shop while the Nitrox Stick, Compressor and Oxygen Cylinders are in a Nearby, Outside Location.

Nitrox Controller making 32%

The Nitrox Controller while operating.  The numbers in green indicate the set point value (32.00% oxygen). The numbers in red indicate the controller is maintaining a steady oxygen content (32.00%).

Nitrox Controller with Single Oxygen Valve Configuration

Oxygen Tank, Pressure Regulator, Micro-Metering Valve and Electronically Controlled Oxygen Valve.  The single valve configuration is used with air compressors that deliver 14 CFM or less.

Oxygen Tank, Pressure Regulator, Micro-Metering Valve and High Capacity Electronically Controlled Oxygen Valve.  This valve configuration is used with air compressors that deliver greater than 14 CFM.

O2 Sensor downstream of Nitrox Mixing Stik

Read what the University of Hawaii had to say about the Nitrox Controller.  UH Hilo Letter to RDD.pdf

Click here to see our Suggested Nitrox System Configuration.

Watch the Nitrox Controller Video.  Big File (45 Meg), down load takes a while, please be patient.

The Nitrox Controller for use with the Nitrox Stik is available for purchase for $3000 (for up to 14 CFM compressors) and $3500 (for 15 CFM and larger compressors) and comes complete with all necessary parts.

Call Derek at (808) 392-8252 or email at for more information.

More information about the Nitrox Controller is available at        


Last modified: 07/23/09