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Safety Valve                


We've responded to our customers' requests for inexpensive alternative to the Nitrox Controller.  This system automatically and instantaneously shuts the supply of oxygen to your Nitrox Stik Continuous Gas Blender when your air compressor shuts down.  It includes a normally closed solenoid operated valve, toggle switch with red phenolic military specification switch guard, and all the wiring and fittings necessary to incorporate the valve into your Continuous Gas Blending system.   This upgrade to the Nitrox Stik gives the Dive Shop Owner peace of mind knowing that, should his precious Air Compressor shut down for any reason, the supply of oxygen will be turned off, minimizing the risk of fire and the needless waste of expensive oxygen.

Nitrox Safety Valve Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch with Red Phenolic Military Specification Switch Guard mounted at Compressor Controls.  Closing the Switch Guard operates the Toggle Switch securing power to the Solenoid Valve. 

Nitrox Safety Valve System Picture

Normally-Closed Solenoid Operated Valve attaches between the Pressure Regulator and Metering Valve/Orifice.

The schematic below illustrates how the Nitrox Safety Valve is incorporated into the Nitrox Stik Continuous Gas Blender technology to make Enriched Air for SCUBA.

Nitrox Safety Valve Schematic

The Nitrox  Safety Valve for use with the Nitrox Stik Continuous Gas Blender is available for purchase for $350 and will work with any size compressor.

Call Derek at (808) 392-8252 or email at for more information.


Last modified: 07/23/09