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Welcome to Nitrox Made  Home for the Nitrox Stik and Nitrox Controller. We hope you find this website helpful in making your decision to purchase a Nitrox system.  There are numerous reasons you should have Nitrox at your facility.  Nitrox has become the breathing mixture of choice in the recreational, research and professional diving world because of the increased bottom time and additional safety associated with its use.

Your ability to fill Nitrox can make the difference in where people decide to shop for their dive related services and products.  You want to be the one stop shop in your area, and would hate for your customers to go elsewhere for Nitrox fills, or worse yet, other products or services.  Make sure they have no reason to visit another establishment.  Provide all the services they might need or want at your shop, and for a minimal initial investment, and very low re-occurring costs.

Nitrox training has surged in popularity and is commonly a part of a dive shop's curriculum.  If you teach it, shouldn't you sell it?


Nitrox can be made painlessly and cost effectively, and used to provide an added value service to your customers.  Instead of discounting your services, offer to throw in Nitrox for free, especially if it only costs you an additional $2 to fill a Nitrox tank over a regular air tank.  While customers  might scoff at the suggestion of a $2 discount on their two tank boat dive, they'll gobble up the idea of Nitrox for free.  Offering Nitrox at your establishment increases your flexibility to accommodate demanding customers.

If not for your customers, then perhaps for your diving staff.  The instructors and dive masters working for a busy dive tour operation commonly make 4 to 6 dives daily.  Nitrox gives the dive operation owner that additional piece of mind that hard working staff won't fall victim to decompression sickness.

There are many compelling reasons why you should have Nitrox...



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